Data Skills Workshops

We partner with the Carpentries to teach essential data and computational skills for conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research

Experiential Learning

Through applied research internships we provide career experience emphasizing problem solving, decision-making, collaboration and leadership skills in a professional space.

Student Advising

Academic and Career path advising.

Building Community

Free drop in support to foster an active inclusive diverse community of learners and practitioners.

Curriculum Development

Create a Faculty Learning Community to develop culturally relevant, project-based and data-driven curriculum that incorporates modern data science tools.

Career Connection

Collaborate with Career centers. Organize career panels and seminars / “Ask me anything” job talks.

What are the FANH Sciences?

The term “food, agriculture, natural resources and human sciences” (FANH sciences) includes activities in food and fiber, agricultural, renewable energy and natural resources, forestry, and physical and social sciences, or rural economic, community, or business development including activities relating to the following:

What careers exist in FANH? The USDA HSI Education Grants Program lists the occupations below as examples of “mission critical” occupations that the USDA is looking to recruit talented students from Hispanic Serving Institutions into:

News and Events

September Career Conversations - Health Equity Programs and Research

on August 24, 2023

This event has been cancelled, stay tuned for updates about it’s resheduling Are you interested in careers that use data to make informed decisions in the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources or Human sciences? Do you want to know how professionals landed their career or what they wished they did during college?

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Project DA-FANH Fellow and Fall 2022 Intern Shares Her Experiences

on July 7, 2023

Are you interested in learning more about the DA-FANH internship or our fellowship? Keep reading to hear from our fellowship recipient and Fall 2022 intern, Rosie Diaz! About Rosie Rosie is a current Chico State student majoring in Agricultural Business. She started at Chico State in the Fall of 2023 after transferring from a community college in her hometown.

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Post-Spring 2023 Career Panel

on April 24, 2023

Spring 2023 Career Panel The Spring 2023 Career Panel happened late in March and we had a great time meeting with four data science professionals and learning all about their careers. Our students had a lot of great questions to ask, and the career professionals were able to provide some amazing answers and helped to educate the students on what a career in data looks like.

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Learn About Recommended Courses From Our AMA Speakers

on April 12, 2023

See a recap of highlights from our monthly Ask Me Anything sessions where our data science professionals share classes they recommended undergraduates take in order to succeed in graduate school or in their data science careers. Our next AMA speaker for the month of April will be announced soon! Learn more and check out upcoming speakers here

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