Grants and Scholarships

| July 11, 2022

Grants and Scholarships Help Students: Here’s Why

When students first apply to college, one major factor that often plays into their decision is whether or not they can afford to attend the university. Luckily, with the help of scholarships and federal grants, many students are able to achieve their goals of attending college.

Sara Mahuron, a blogger for, divides up the benefits of how a scholarship can help ones’ education and career goals into four categories: financial, educational, career, and personal.

1. Financial Goals

Grants and scholarships help students attend the university of their choice. Another financial benefit that stems from grants and scholarships, is the ability for a student to solely focus on earning their degree. Without the financial support, there are often many obstacles students face. Furthermore, many students experience anxiety regarding college expenses in their families, and it often affects their academic performance.

2. Educational Goals

Educational benefits blossom from scholarship opportunities and allow students to have an enjoyable college experience. Receiving these benefits not only can reduce one’s risk of dropping out of school, but it also gives the student an incentive to thrive. With social and personal lives, it can be difficult for students to find a balance and routine that suits them.

3. Career Goals

Figuring out a routine is not only an educational benefit, but a career benefit as well. When adding up the career benefits of receiving a grant, a plethora of ways to utilize the opportunities comes with it. For example, future employers will have their attention drawn to students who have either qualified and/or were awarded these scholarships and grants. Exposure such as this leads to career opportunities, and is a great resume booster.

4. Personal Goals

Lastly, personal benefits in a student’s life stem from grants and scholarships. One might be able to find themselves with more free time, which allows them to maximize their college experience whether it is through joining clubs on campus or volunteering in the community. Experiences like these are once in a lifetime opportunities students only seem to get when they attend college. Being awarded these scholarships and grants only improves a student’s ability to reach their goals. In conclusion, it is clear that grants and scholarships are a great opportunity for college students to achieve their goals.